Dayara Bugyal is undoubtedly the most stunning high altitude meadow in India and the only way to realize its true essence is by witnessing it. This dreamlike place lies at 3408 meters above sea level and brings you the most dazzling Himalayan vistas that all mountain lovers dream of. Unlike many other high altitude gems, Dayara bugyal is open throughout the year and offers something different yet equally majestic in every season. The vast green meadows are spread over 28 sq kms of majestic mountain landscapes. You can get a clear view of several peaks from the greater Himalayas like Bandarpoonch, black peak, Bhagirathi and Jaonli etc . In the winter season, adventure lovers who want to enjoy skiing on the vast white snow covered slopes of Dayara, can fulfill their dream of skiing on a high altitude meadow.

The trek to Dayara bugyal can be considered a beginner level trek if you are even moderately fit. You will have to walk 8 km through a vast variety of forest flora mainly consisting of Rhododendrons, Silver oak and coniferous trees. Most of the path goes through thick forest and the trail ends as it leads you to one of the largest high altitude meadows you can find in India.


Why go to Dayara Bugyal?

Just imagine you are sitting a mountain top, surrounded by lush green meadows as far as you can look. The wind is calm and pure. You are encircled by the highest snow clad Himalayan ranges from all sides while you sit and relish a cup of tea with your friends and loved ones. Like the idea? If yes, then let us take you to Dayara Bugyal.


We start our journey from Rishikesh early morning since we want to enjoy our journey which takes us through some of the most fascinating towns in Uttarakhand. This experience is going to be worth remembering because the new all-weather road makes your drive as smooth as mountain rides can be. We have to go about 42 kms ahead of Uttarkashi and reach Barsu village, which will be the starting point for our trek. Barsu is a quaint little village nestled in the Himalayas. Overnight stay in Camp/Guesthouse.
Highlights: Our drive takes us through Chamba, which is one of the oldest hill stations in Garhwal. We will be witnessing Tehri Lake which is a magnificent sight on its own. We will be driving alongside the Bhagirathi river. We will cross the temple town of Uttarkashi which is well known for its ancient Shiva temple known as Vishwanath temple. It is believed that after Kashi is submerged under water, Lord Kashi Vishwanath will be shifted to this temple. World famous Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is also located in Uttarkashi. You can enjoy the scenic views as we drive by the river side roads.

We will have an early breakfast and start the hike towards Dayara Bugyal. It is a slow but steady uphill hike that takes us through lush Himalayan forests. We carry our packed lunches since we are going to enjoy this walk and take ample rest between to enjoy the serenity of the forest. We will start witnessing greater Himalayan peaks not too long after beginning our ascent. We will witness Srikanth, Gangotri 1,2,3, Jaonli, Black peak and Bandarpunch peaks. The forest trail is covered with leaves and thus your feet don’t ache as much as they do on strictly stony trails. However, always watch where your feet land since the path can be uneven. We will take our time to reach Dayara Bugyal since the route is not too long and can be done in even 5-6 hours. We will reach Dayara Bugyal before evening falls and set camp for the night. After a sumptuous dinner, we will say goodnight.

Highlights: This day you get to witness all the sights of a mountain forest. If you are joining the trek in the spring season, you will get to see rhododendrons bloom. Our goal is to enjoy the hike and not rush it. You can sit under your favorite tree while we take snack breaks. As the trail ends, it widens into a path which opens right into the green meadows. This sight leaves everyone stunned as it looks like a scene from a fairytale. You have to see it to believe it. There is immense calm at the top. Once you reach, you can choose your favorite top and choose to sit in silence. You can also lie down on the green bed of grass and just take a fresh breath to seep in this experience.

We will wake up and after our tea and breakfast, we will start our trek towards Bakaria top. This will be the highest point of your trek and of the Bugyal. We will walk across the Dayara Bugyal and reach the highest corner from where you get to see the entire meadow and vast Himalayan ranges. We carry packed lunch to enjoy our time at the top (We always carry our garbage back and make sure never to litter the mountains). It is a steep walk so we walk slow and take our time. We return to campsite at Dayara bugyal and enjoy the evening like we want. After a delicious dinner, we say goodnight.
Highlights: This is going to be one of your best days on the trek because we will get to walk the expanse of the green meadows. You will be spellbound to realize the untouched beauty that lies in Garhwal Himalayas. We get a 360 degree view of the great Himalayan peaks. This day will be a treasure for photography lovers. You can get great shots and be as creative as you want. You can also sit quietly and enjoy these vast landscapes that you will tell your friends about after you go back.

Today we start our descent downwards after breakfast. For going back, we will take the other route which takes us to Raithal, another stunning untouched village. Since we are going down, it will take us lesser time to reach our destination. Today you get to explore newer areas of the forest and new sights because of the different trail. We will cross smaller meadows and forests to reach Raithal village. We will enjoy the evening here and spend the night in Camps or Guest house.
Highlight: Raithal is a small village nestled in the Himalayas where people still live traditionally. You can talk to the friendly locals and ask about their customs and lifestyle. There are many old style traditional homes in this village which would take your attention. Go for an evening stroll through the village and experience life in a totally different way.

We drive back towards Rishikesh, our point of beginning. We will have lunch en route to Rishikesh. Leave early in the morning if you have to head somewhere from the drop off point.
Highlight: Today we get to cherish the memories of the trip and absorb the last few days. The drive will take us through the same roads but this time they will be familiar to us. Today you are going home, but with the experience of a lifetime.

What should you carry on your trek?

Carrying the right type of gear is the first priority whenever it comes to mountain travelling. In this case, we will be going to high altitude areas and through areas of deep wilderness. It is not possible to find or buy everything you need in the villages where we start our treks. This is why we request all participants to pack essential items what they could need during their trek.
If you are not aware of what to carry on your trek, here is a list that we have compiled for you.
Shirts / T-shirts
Windproof jacket with hood preferred
Warm and muffled Fleece / Full-sleeve Woolen sweater
Thermal inner wear (upper & lower)
Synthetic trekking pants
Raincoat / Poncho
Woolen cap
Woolen gloves
Woolen socks & regular sports socks
Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes with good grip and padding
Small light weight towel (Quick dry)
Thermos flask/Insulated water bottle
Cap / Hat for sun protection
UV protection sun glasses
Walking stick / Trekking pole
Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50+)
Lip Balm or Vaseline
Flashlight / Headlamp
Medicines if you are on any specific medication
Personal toiletries
Rain cover for backpack as it might rain any time
Garbage bags to carry any garbage that you might produce
You can choose what to bring from this list according to the weather/season. It should be noted that weather is highly unpredictable in the Himalayas. It can change any time so it is better to come prepared. The equipment for summer treks compared to winter treks will be different. You can either use your discretion or contact us for further information.

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