Kedartal Trek


Kedartal is considered one of the best high-altitude treks in Uttarakhand. This one is for the experienced
trekkers who have done many treks in the Himalayas and are seeing a more thrilling adventure. This trek
is classified under the difficult category. Nevertheless, it offers an unmatched experience that one
should not miss.
In this arduous yet thrilling adventure, we climb to the Kedartal, which is nestles between some of the
highest greater Himalayan peaks. These are Mt Thalaysagar, Mt Bhrigupanth, Manda parvat, Mt
Gangotri and Mt Jogin etc. This is one of the rare treks where you get to come into the close proximity
of greater Himalayan peaks.
You will also realize that this trek brings you to one of the remotest places in the Indian Himalayas. You
will not see any human settlements here because the environment even though it seems majestic and
serene, can be very hostile. On the other hand, this trek provides you a kind of solitude and peace which
is rare. You are not going to listen to even a single sound from modern society.
This trek needs you to be comfortable in changing mountain landscapes and environments because
things change pretty quickly here. You will be quickly gaining altitude and will need to climb on steep
trails. You need to be fit and mentally strong to wade through this challenging yet rewarding trek. You
should do as much preparation as you can to join this trek because it is indeed one of the most
rewarding experiences. Though the terrain is tricky and sometimes extreme, what you get in return is
much more than what you give.


This is the first day of our journey. We are going to start from the temple town of Rishikesh. This is the
day that we are going to cross Chamba and Uttarkashi. These are two of the most scenic hill stations in
the Garhwal Himalayas. We will be riding alongside the Bhagirathi river. This journey will take us to the
source of the holy Ganga. We will reach the holy mountain town of Gangotri by evening. This is going to
be our base for the Kedartal. Explore the markets and visit the Gangotri temple which is one of the char

This is the first day of your trek. Make sure you eat well and pack your lunch for the day since there is no
food available on the way. You are going to need all the energy you can gather since the first day of the
trek is difficult. The trail is steep since the beginning. You will have to climb so make sure you walk with
a steady rhythm. There is a single trail that will take you to Bhojkharak. It is a rocky trail so make sure
you watch your step. You have to cross a spider wall which is a steep wall which has space just for one
foot at a time. You will get all the help by your expert guide. You will reach the campsite where we will
have to find a place to camp for the night. It is a place of unmatched beauty which will leave you

Compared to yesterday, this day is going to be easier. We will be walking about 4.5 kms which will not
take us a long time. At the beginning the trail is steep and it continues till 1 km. After this you will enter
the meadows. The trail then gets the ascent decreases and becomes somewhat flat. We will gain
altitude and reach the vast meadows of Kedar kharak. We will be camping here tonight. Witness a
gorgeous setting sun since this place is well known for it. Have a nice dinner and hit the sack.

Today is the day that we get to experience the zenith of this journey. You are going to be so happy and
pumped to make it to the glacial lake finally. Today is going to be a tiring day in terms of physical activity
so we will make sure that we get started early in the morning. We have to ascend all the way to the top
on a rocky trail. We will be carrying our water with us since there are no sources of water on the way.
The lake is situated about 5 kms away from the Kedar Kharak and the route is totally rocky and laden
with stones and boulders. You can get lost on this route so stick with the group. It is absolutely
necessary to stay alert at all times and always where you land your feet. Just before the lake, you will
get to see the Great Thalaysagar Peak. After climbing a steep ridge, you will descend and there you will
see the Kedartal. It is a magnificent sight to witness. If the lake is not frozen, dip your fingers into the
waters and see how it feels. After spending some time here and clicking pictures for memories, we turn
back and take the same route to go back to Kedar Kharak. Spend night at camp.

This is going to be a long day but you have to continuously descend all the way to Gangotri. We will
trace the same path we took to arrive here. This can seem monotonous but you can also soak in the
experience and sights once again. You need to remember that you need to be extra careful while on the
descent since it is easy to lose control of your speed. Never run on the slopes and place each step
mindfully. Reach Gangotri and rest for the night.

This is the last and final day of our journey. Today we are going to enjoy a long car ride back to where
we started from. This is going to be a day full of fond recollections. You now have many stories to tell.
These are stories that are yours for life.

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Kedartal Trek
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