Gaumukh Tapovan Trek


This is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Let us take you to the source of the holy Ganges. We will cross streams and witness huge waterfalls. We will see raw and untouched mountain landscapes. This journey is both an external and an internal one. Join us on this journey which can be adventurous for some and spiritual for some. We walk across vast meadows and rocky moraines to touch the greater Himalayan mountains. The Gangotri national park offers us the most exhilarating experiences we can have in the Himalayas.


We will leave early morning from Rishikesh. This is going to be a long ride since we have to reach Gangotri which is 269 kms away. Its going to be a remarkable journey that will take us through some of the best hill stations of northern India.
Get all set to begin the journey from Rishikesh at morning 6. The day will be longer as you will cover 269km to Gangotri. It will be wonderful 9 hours ride along the mighty mountains. We will be crossing the temple town of Uttarkashi which is famous for its Vishwanath temple.

This is your day at the temple town of Gangotri. This is the day that you get to explore this spiritual place where you get to breathe the mountains. Your acclimatization is extremely necessary since your body needs to get used to the changed high altitude environment. You can visit Gangotri dham and feel the spiritual energy rise within you.
You can find a rock and meditate. You can watch the roaring river flow. You can be yourself today.

This is the day we start the trek. We will have a sumptuous breakfast and start our journey for the high mountains. We will be starting the walk from Gangotri alongside the holy Ganga. This day will not be much difficult for you. The key is to walk slowly and steadily. It is advised to stand and rest for short periods of time and walk slowly rather than walk fast and sit for longer periods. You will cross beautiful clear streams that flow across the Gangotri national park. You can witness the Sudarshan Parbat (6529 meters) which is one of the mightiest mountains in the greater Himalaya range.
At the end of our trek today, we will cross some boulders and reach the campsite of Chirbaasa. This is one of the most serene campsites where the Ganga is flowing right beside you. The sound of the river neutralizes all the noise in your head and brings you to a different world. You view a range of the highest Himalayan mountains right from this day. You can rest and have lunch. You can also walk around the campsite to accustom yourself with the terrain. We will be setting our tents at the most beautiful spot we can find.
After a satisfying dinner, we are going to get the rest we need for tomorrows journey.

This is going to be an exhilarating day for you. You are going to wake up to one of the most magnificent sunrises ever. This day is going to be easy since the ascent is not too steep or sudden. We have to walk for a few hours on a gradual ascent and we will be able to enjoy the path. You will notice that we are walking into wider areas. You are getting closer to the greater Himalayan Bhagirathi peaks. This day is great for two reasons, the first reason being your growing proximity to the greater Himalayas and the second reason being the enchanting beauty that unfolds in front of you with each step. You will find the Bhojwasa or Bhojbasa campsite. This place is named after the Bhojpatra trees that are found in abundance in this location. These are called birch trees in English. The bark of these trees was used to write before paper was invented.
You will find some activity here since a lot of people stay here since old times. There is an ashram and a rest house. You can pre book the rest houses online. You can explore this site and see the beauty that nature has bestowed here. Overnight in cost tents.

This is going to be the longest day of our trek. We are going to need energy today so make sure you eat well and top up your water bottles.
The route till Gaumukh is not difficult. It is one end of the Gangotri Glacier and it is from here that the holy Ganga river originates. It is a magnificent sight to witness. You are now standing at one of the most important locations in regard to the Hindu religion and spirituality. You can sit here and imbibe the divine untouched energy that flows here.
From here, the geography changes a bit. The path will get steep and is lined with rocks and boulders. However, you will be able to do it easily with a slow and steady approach. The route to Tapovan might seem rocky and barren, but once you overcome this part, you will find yourself in one of the most stunning high altitude meadows. You will find yourself at the feet of greater Himalayas.
You can witness the astonishing sight of Mt. Shivling, Mt Meru and Bhagirathi peaks.
You can now relax in this stunning and peaceful landscape, far away from the maddening crowd. Have a sumptuous dinner and relax in your cozy tents.

Wake up early since this is your last day at the top. You can witness a beautiful morning when the sun rises over the peaks. After eating a delicious breakfast, we will start packing our lunches and water bottles since there is no water on the way.
We will retrace our steps and carefully descend down the rocky trail. You have to be really careful today since getting down is more difficult than climbing up. Once we reach Gaumukh, the trail gets better and we will be able to make it to Chirbaasa in about 6 hours. Since your body is now acclimatized here, you will not find it difficult to walk or breathe. We will be camping by the river under the shade of your favorite pine trees.

This morning brings us to the last day of our trek. We will start walking towards Gangotri and the 9 km distance will be covered in about 4 hours. We will be going back through the Gangotri National park and we will be surrounded with greenery and waterfalls.
We will reach the temple town of Gangotri and have hot lunch. We will then go to Gangnani which is famous for its hot springs. We will check into a hotel and pack up for tomorrow as we return to Rishikesh.

This is the day when we leave for home. This is the day when you get to recollect all the memories and travel back to Rishikesh from where we started this journey. It will take us about 7 hours to reach Rishikesh. Look out the window and enjoy the river view. You’ve seen it till its source.
We will reach Rishikesh from where you can plan further. Our exciting journey comes to an end. We hope that you are taking away memories for a lifetime.

What should you carry on your trek?

Carrying the right type of gear is the first priority whenever it comes to mountain travelling. In this case, we will be going to high altitude areas and through areas of deep wilderness. It is not possible to find or buy everything you need in the villages where we start our treks. This is why we request all participants to pack essential items what they could need during their trek.
If you are not aware of what to carry on your trek, here is a list that we have compiled for you.
Shirts / T-shirts
Windproof jacket with hood preferred
Warm and muffled Fleece / Full-sleeve Woolen sweater
Thermal inner wear (upper & lower)
Synthetic trekking pants
Raincoat / Poncho
Woolen cap
Woolen gloves
Woolen socks & regular sports socks
Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes with good grip and padding
Small light weight towel (Quick dry)
Thermos flask/Insulated water bottle
Cap / Hat for sun protection
UV protection sun glasses
Walking stick / Trekking pole
Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50+)
Lip Balm or Vaseline
Flashlight / Headlamp
Medicines if you are on any specific medication
Personal toiletries
Rain cover for backpack as it might rain any time
Garbage bags to carry any garbage that you might produce
You can choose what to bring from this list according to the weather/season. It should be noted that weather is highly unpredictable in the Himalayas. It can change any time so it is better to come prepared. The equipment for summer treks compared to winter treks will be different. You can either use your discretion or contact us for further information.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek
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